Watermelon Apple - It took a little time to knock on watermelon skills and quality apples to get this refreshing sweet taste. Before you think this blend will only be refreshing, you will have something else to come. Watermelon Apple is part of the collection of Cloud Nurdz Salts E Liquid that makes many people use their products. When you take a pull from Watermelon Apple, you can taste the delicious fruits added to make this salt and liquid. You can feel the watermelon filling you quickly by taking a pull of this salt and liquid, making you feel as if you have just downed a tight glass of watermelon juice. Suddenly, the apple gives you this amazing juicy and tangy feeling, which will follow your spruce down the throat when it hits your nice throat. This throat hit will only give you more flavor with the salt and liquid. Finally, you start getting hints of candy that make this blend of other flavors sweeter and richer, but you might also notice something else. As your mouth begins pucking, this salt and liquid 's sour power becomes more powerful. When you taste this whole salt fluid, it feels as if you have a few pieces of fruity sweet food as if you are a child who ignored the risk of cavities. When you finally realize you have to breathe, you release Watermelon Apple from your system. When it leaves slowly, you start to receive some of the last sweet clues this salt liquid has to offer. The clouds you can make grow quite large, but they're not overwhelming or obnoxious. They have an aromatic smell and you feel like you are in a country in which all is sugar because only a lot of sweetness with Watermelon Apple is something that you can taste.

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