Raspberry -  Do you feel like you need a little toast for your palates? How about you spreading some raspberry jam to water your mouth a little? Raspberry is the name and the main flavor that you will taste when you pull this succulent liquid together. With such an incredible flavor, who knows when you will find the strength to exchange this liquid flavor for another? When you first drink this e liquid, you will taste the delicious raspberry jam smoothly in your mouth. But it won't feel like you've just fought to open a jar of jam and eat it with a spoon now. Instead, you will notice the crunchy bread notes which have been added to the toast flavor. It's going feel like you are just waking up and have to work as soon as possible. You don't have time to have a full meal for breakfast, but you want something in your system. You quickly put a piece of bread in the toaster and remove the raspberry jam from the refrigerator. If you run slowly, release the bread slice early and spread the raspberry jam over it. You take the first bite and the urge to run out of the house suddenly diminished. The jelly gives you a creamy feeling full of sweetness and the toast makes it taste like something you might have had several times in your life. When you think you have tasted the whole e liquid completely from the pull, you begin to exhale and leave it all out of your pallet. The clouds that take a while to get out of your mouth will grow bigger and bigger as you breathe out, and they will smell unbelievable.

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